10. – Corporate or Business Social Responsibility (CSR or BSR)

  • Decide whether we want to have a CSR-BSR or not. It is very important, because it is not mandatory, its consequences are not easily seen in the Profit and Loss account, and once we start with it there is no going back, under penalty of leaving the company in a weaker position, and in general worse, than if no action had been taken in this field.
  • Train the management team on what a CSR-BSR is:

    • Actions necessary to carry it out.

    • Corporate obligations that it entails.

    • Expenses and resources incurred.

    • Define the degree of extension of the application of CSR-BSR, that is, how far we want to go with it.

  • Decision-making by the management team and the corresponding information to the Board of Directors.


    Creation of a working group to evaluate what is necessary to implement CSR-BSR.

  • Information to the social part, represented by the Labour Committee.

  • Set a target according to Turker’s CSR scale, or similar.

  • Decide an action plan in accordance with all of the above, setting objectives and execution times.

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