When I start a project, I take my “management essentials” with me. They represent a collection of experiences, put together over more than 30 years of professional experience, which are verbalized through logical phrases, those we all know, that we all want to fulfil, but in which it is necessary to believe to reach the goal of its fulfilment. These essentials are fed and renewed in each project, according to the experience I get out of it, and for that it is key the participation of the team members of the project, who are the true actors of the so called management essentials, and which is the block that can be seen after these few lines.

To put the entire presentation here doesn’t make sense, because it changes very often and this makes it frequently obsolete. But it is relevant to highlight some of the very outstanding points, in which I firmly believe, and whose goal is at the point where someday I would like to reach. It is therefore a path, a trend, rather than an end in itself. The 12 most outstanding points of how I understand management are those that appear below in the first presentation, and they are complemented by the 12 Management Commandments of the second of the attached presentations.