José Alberto Fernández-Villa

Head of Production / Hot Rolling Mill at Tubos Reunidos Industrial, S.L.U..

2th of March of 2020. I’m Alberto’s supervisor.

I have been working with Roberto for a little over two years, being the direct supervisor of my duties at Tubos Reunidos, as head of the production area (Hot Rolling Mill). In this assessment of Roberto’s professional activity, I would like to highlight those characteristics of his role, virtues and capacities, differentiated from those of other managers with whom I have worked and collaborated in my professional career, and also with a high level of management capability.

As general characteristics of a manager with Roberto’s experience I can list the following ones:

  • Ability to work.

  • Working capacity.

  • Proven leadership.

  • Efficiency in achieving the objectives of your projects.

  • Experience in the coordination and management of teams.

  • Updated in the most innovative management tools.

As differentiated features highlight the following ones:

  • His experience in various companies, throughout his professional career, allows him to be adapted to new challenges and new processes with ease. Being able to contribute their experience in project management in a short period of time.

  • Ability to transmit information to his team, but using it as a powerful group loyalty tool.

  • Ability to unite teams from different areas within the company, or companies within the group.

  • Humility when receiving suggestions, criticisms, help or advice from the staff of his team. Always with a predisposition to put in value the contributions of his collaborators.

  • Ease for implementing high-level management tools within the company, involving other collaborators.

  • Its serious and determined commitment to people’s safety is remarkable. Always priority No. 1 in the objectives of its management.

  • Broad experience in different areas of the company, which allows him to safely undertake interdepartmental projects.

I consider him to be a top-level manager, who can bring high levels of improvement to any professional project he sets out, always with high doses of optimism and perseverance.