Medoka Pack, S.A.

2014.10.27 / 2017.11.30. Medoka Pack, S.A. ( Managing Director. Family owned business. Manufacturing of metallic cans and packaging. Sector: Metallurgy & Steelmaking-Food & Beverages-Plastic and Cardboard Packaging. Bolueta-Bilbao (Bizkaia). Turnover: € 5 Mio. Managed employees: 25 persons.


Description of the company

Company focused on the Food and Beverages sector, which produces on standard (35%) and tailor-made basis (65%), All of this, forces to know, correct and improve continuously our processes, flows, procedures and legal aspects, in line with the requisites of this sector.


Reporting to the Owner-Administrator. I was in direct charge of 4 Department Directors (Managing Committee).

Main responsibility

Complete on the results of the company. After a chapter 11, responsible for placing the company in levels of activity and market prior to the crisis.


  • Market strategy evaluation: positioning in the small customer, to get an increase of the Gross Margin from 22% to the 26,5% in three years.
  • Stable financial capacity, due to the cost saving policy, and the negotiations with Banks, in spite of the increased of the FG stock and of purchasing the RM in international markets.
  • Development of raw material suppliers in China and India: savings of 40% of the cost between 2013 and 2017.
  • People development. Tailor-made training, bonus, employee of the month program, etc. Result: from 3,45 to 5,2 in 3 years in our job satisfaction survey.
  • Implementation of the ISO 9001 in all the productive plants. Reduction of quality costs by 15%.