2002.09.01 / 2011.10.30-RMIG Group (www.rmig.com). Group Operations and Quality International Director. Copenhagen (Denmark). Sector: Metallurgy & Steelmaking. Turnover: € 140 Mio. Managed employees: 1.100people in 15 companies and 14 plants in Europe, besides 5 partner companies in 5 continents.


Company description

Danish multinational, world leader perforation of sheets. 


Reporting to the Group CEO and the board of directors of the Foundation, owner of RMIG. Direct report: Operations and Quality Directors. Functional report: Managing Directors. In both cases, of all the companies and plants worldwide.

Main responsibility

Results of operations and quality in all sites in the world (14 + 5). Reorganization of processes, cost structure, preparation of the production strategy, including the number of plants, harmonized implementation of quality credits, harmonized investment plan, etc.


  • Reduction of the cost of structure by 43% and the number of people by 34%. Increase of the turnover from 120 to € 140 Mio. Closure of 6 plants and setup of a structure of 2 global plants and 6 local ones.

  • Installation of the operations module of the Oracle ERP in the 14 plants of the Group., and creation of a tailor-made quality module for Oracle for the 15 companies of the Group.

  • Increase of the of the production capacity with technical agreements with 5 plants in different countries worldwide: China, USA, Australia, India and Brazil, to produce RMIG products for the local market.

  • Setup of a company in Poland, starting from zero up to the complete setup of the plant and offices.

  • Implementation of the Lean Manufacturing in 4 factories of the Group, and the shop floor data collection in all the plants. Increase of the average productivity: 15 points in 2 years.