Tubos Reunidos Group, S.A

2017.12.01 / 2021.02.28. Tubos Reunidos Group (www.tubosreunidos.com). Group Tube Division Director. Spanish Multinational. Manufacturing and Sales of carbon steel, alloys and stainless seamless pipes. Sector: Metallurgy and Steelmaking – Bilbao. Turnover: € 350 Mio. Managed Employees: 1.010 people.


Description of the company

Company of the steel sector, world leader in special niche segments of seamless steel tubular products, with presence in more than 100 countries on 5 continents. Sector: Metallurgy & Steelmaking.

Focused on oil, conduction, energy, automotive and consumption sectors, both standard and tailored to the client.


Reporting to the Executive Presidency, member of the group management team, directly in charge of 11 Department Directors. Full responsibility for the results of the division.

Main responsibility

The results of the division, and the industrial and competitive revitalization of the companies and plants of the group, within the largest of its divisions. To convert the activity of separate companies into a group, with the consequent use of the obtained synergies for a better cost, productivity and commercial margins.


  • Improvement of the productivity in a24% in 10 months, measured in Kg. / FTE.
  • Increase of the average sales price by 12% in 8 months.
  • Lean Manufacturing and process re-engineering: increase of 5% in machine availability and reduction of the cycle time by 13 seconds over 45.
  • Decrease of the total cost of the section by 12% in one year.
  • Start of the implementation of Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, with the most modern techniques in this area (vibrations, ultrasonic, muons tomography, augmented reality, motors program, etc).
  • Definition of an organigram, roles, goals, roles description, talent management, etc., in 10 months for an organization over 1.000 people.