Vicente Garate

Social Administrator and Founding Partner at Norlock S. Coop.

27th of July of 2015. Vicente had me as a supervisor, being Deputy General Manager and Manufacturing Manager of RMIG Iberia, SA, and he, Head of Warehouse and Logistics.

Roberto is a well-rounded professional with exceptional skills to carry out the defined objectives. Consistent with the decisions taken. Very effective in solving problems.

Trained in all areas of the company, which represents a great advantage since it encompasses a global vision of the company and helps him obtain the most of the resources in the most efficient and effective way. Empathetic with his collaborators and a great cheerer of them. The management methods used are very suitable for flexible management systems in terms of the management of his personnel.

Many more things could be said about Roberto’s great capacity for sacrifice and about his values, but I consider that with what is outlined in this recommendation is more than enough, to know that whoever is lucky enough to hire him as a worker, it will be able to see and observe first hand that everything I have said about him, is only a small part of his great professional and personal potential.