Abigail Palacio

Chemical engineer. Continuous improvement in Hot Rolling Mill at Tubos Reunidos Industrial.

19th of February of 2020. I am Abigail’s supervisor.

Roberto is a person with a lot of transparency, always direct and with clear ideas. He promotes communication and teamwork between the different departments and factories. He worries to ensure that there is versatility so that the same person sees the problems from different points of view and has experience, being able to give more resolution and contributes with new ideas.

Likewise, he is interested in training people in new working tools and in strengthening the knowledge of its workers to have a team with greater vision and initiative. He is firm and clear before decisions are made and taken. He is close to the rest of his colleagues and is always ready to listen to any proposal.

All this has led to the acquisition of new working methodologies and improvements in many aspects at Tubos Reunidos. Roberto has a strategic vision. He brings a fresh air and has great ideas to improve the company, whatsoever the sector is.