RMIG Iberia, S.A.

1997.07.01 / 2002.08.31-RMIG Iberia (Spanish-Portuguese subsidiary) (www.rmig.com). Deputy manager and Operations Director. Urduliz (Biscay). Sector: Metallurgy and Steelmaking. Turnover: € 14 Mio. Managed employees: 125 persons.


Description of the company

Iberian subsidiary of a Danish multinational, world leader perforation of sheets. 


In hierarchical dependence of the CEO of the company in Spain and of the local board of directors. Hierarchical reporting: all the department directors (4). Functional report: the sales manager.

Main responsibility

The operations of the company and subsidiary on the results for Spain, Portugal and Morocco. After a serious managerial problem, together with the Managing Director, responsible for returning to the market with the commercial, productive and adequate quality policy, finding a way to stimulate the human team that surrounded us.


  • Opening to new markets, some of high margin and others of high volume. In 1997, the EBT was €-1,7 Mio. In 2002, € 0,8 Mio. Multiplication of the turnover by 2,5 and the gross margin by 1,2.

  • Implementation of the new management tools and techniques in the plant: reduction by 20% of the cost per hour and the value of the obsolete stock over the total to 2% at standard cost.

  • Increase of the number of people from 100 to 125 persons and maintenance of the employment during 2 years. Agreement with the unions not to apply salary increases in the period.