My style

My Management Style


Key concept


1 Constructive

Always positively critical with the “status quo”

2 Close

What is unknown is not changed.

3 Team working

Focus on solving difficulties, rather than concentrating on them.

4 Honest

Search for the real cause, even if it hurts to know it. The 5 “why”.

5 Respectful

In the background and in the form.

6 Team work

Always “us”, not “me”. In a group of 10, better ten ideas, one of each, than ten of one only.

7 Persistent

Find opportunities on difficulty.

8 Pragmatic

Seek 80% in the present instead of 100% future. Simple and understandable problem management.

9 Immediate If the improvement solutions are good, run them immediately.
10 Cautious

Test and validate.

11 Rigorous

Methodology and standardization versus permanent improvisation. It always works.

12 Realistic

The situations are not chosen. They are faced. Little time and even less energy have to be wasted to complain.


Key concept