As you can see in the next tab, the three photos method is quite complete and intensive in terms of dedication, especially at the beginning, when it comes to collecting the information. Therefore, it is logical that when knowing the basics, one wonders when to apply it, and what is sometimes more important, when it is better to avoid it or at least apply it only partially.

I answer those questions below.

When is this method applicable?

Above all, it should be applied when the problem exceeds a specific function or problem. To have an orientation, it is good to wonder oneself how many of the 10 strategies the problem we have in the company reaches. If it reaches more than one and they are from the commercial, operational-cost and / or economic-financial area, the application of the method makes sense. This means that the more complex the problem is and the more areas involved are, the more logical it is to apply the three photos method.

When should this method not be applied?

Especially or mainly, when the problem is limited to an area or working group, either commercial, or operational-costs or economic-financial. In that case, it does not make sense to apply a method as elaborate as that of the three photos, and it is logical to go directly to one of the 10 strategies, because it is already known with more or less certainty that this is the one to be applied and that Pareto works when errors are corrected, applying the same one.

In short, it does not make much sense to spend significant time and resources collecting information that will lead us to conclusions that we already know from the beginning. It can be used as a follow-up method, but not as an initial evaluation method.

What is considered in this method?

Projects that initially aim at the change or transformation of companies in the industrial sector. And I say initially, because after the analysis, the conclusion may be different than to change or transform the fundamentals, the culture and the processes and procedures of the company.

What is not considered in this method?

As I just mentioned in the previous paragraph, all the processes subsequent to the three photos method that involve anything other than the continuation of the change and transformation project of the company in question are not covered in this section. Logically, it would also be the case if the decision is to start one of the processes, without even considering the method of the three photos.

Some of the processes that companies can enter, and to which I refer are:

  • Sale and absorption.

  • M&A, i.e., Merging and / or acquisition of another company and / or production unit.

  • Chapter 11 procedure, with or without furloughs or temporary lay-offs:

    • With continuity.

    • That leads to a Chapter 7, permanent lay-off of extinction and consequent closure of the company.

  • Other corporate operations.

Each of these operations has its own particular methodology, none of which is considered here. The possibilities are many, and each of them has its complexity. They are neither easy nor difficult. Every circumstance is special. but analyzing each one of them would lead to the section “The change”, and therefore to my page, to have an unmanageable magnitude.