Cover letter

Roberto Urrutia Beaskoa

+34 616 910 626



Industrial engineer plus MBA, fluent in English and Basque. More than 20 years of experience in positions of Managing Director and Operations Director of family owned and multinational industrial companies, in national and international environments.

Out of my career path, I’d highlight two significant achievements: the setup of a company in Poland (offices and factory), starting from Greenfield and to keep the social peace after carrying out an employment regulation plan of 20% of the total number of people. My main skills rely on the management capacity for projects orientated to results, the communication and persuasion.

Professional goal

To bring my knowledge and my management skills to my present company as Managing Director.


Even when there are more, the list of main reasons and arguments to support and endorse the type of before-mentioned search are the following ones:

  • I have close to 35 years of experience in the industrial sector.

  • Out of all of them, the last 25 ones have been in positions at maximum level: General, Division, Operations and Sales Management, which indicates a high experience in the management field. 
  • I’ve been international director of a multinational company during 10 years, with 15 companies in my charge, which gives me a broad international vision of business, either commercial, operational and economic-financial.

  • I have worked in all kinds of companies: large, medium and small, family and multinational, national and international, making it clear that what is important is the challenge, the project, not the size or similar elements.

  • I have extensive training in all aspects of company management: commercial, operations, administration and finance, quality-safety-environment and HR.

  • My way of working is based on data management.

    • Creating the strategy from what I call “the three photos”: the external one, the internal one and the one given by the official data.

    • Once approved, defining the long, medium and short-term objectives.
    • Managing organizations through yearly SMART goals, which are necessarily individuals and collective.

    • To achieve them, I rely on KPIs- Management indexes.

  • I stand out for being a person with a high component of general management and of human resources in particular. I have the ability to create high-performance teams, agglutinate them around common goals and align them to achieve them.
  • I believe that there is a need to organize the available resources, establishing procedures and processes for the correct implementation of the defined action plans.

  • I am in contact with all sectors of interest, both partners, customers, suppliers and government agencies.

  • I have a very complete training, language and computer profile. I have an analytical and at the same time executive spirit, with great active listening and a high level of resilience.

I have made the change, transformation and growth of industrial organizations the engine of my professional life. Survive difficulties, transform them into opportunities, keeping what works, changing what is necessary and distinguishing between the two options.

In order to contrast what I say, you can see any of my professional CVs, as well as all the information about me that appears on this page, on my website,

Other aspects of interest