Paulina Márquez

Logistics area at Ilunbe Ingeniería Energética.

26th of August of 2017. Paulina had me as a supervisor, in my time as Managing Director of Medoka Pack, S.A., being she the person in charge of SCM.

Roberto was my manager for almost two years, long enough to know his technical and human skills. Roberto has an extensive knowledge of the industrial environment that conveniently combines with his economic and commercial management skills. During the time I collaborated with him, he proved to be an effective leader in process changes and in the start of new product lines, from the technical conception of the change to the sale of the product. He is an excellent communicator, allowing him to clearly convey the company’s values and goals.

He is demanding and at the same time close to his collaborators, achieving the best performance from both workers and their suppliers of products and services. His relationship with clients has always been close, ready to listen and satisfy their demands. I admire his empathy towards the client, especially with local clients, which contrasts with his proven international experience. He adapts without difficulty the language required by the negotiation. He is a result-oriented, tireless, organized and methodical person with a positive attitude to face new projects that allow putting the company in a competitive position.