Manuel Garma

Head of Production / Finishing department at Productos Tubulares, s.a.u.

30th of April of 2020. I’m Manuel’s supervisor.

Goal-oriented person, Roberto works with all his momentum in achieving them. In addition, despite having a broad academic training and extensive professional experience, he will not hesitate to ask about any problem until he understands it from the root as if he were a child, thus forming his own opinion about how to approach it in a clear and firm way.

This way of proceeding can be disconcerting at first, but when you look at it with more perspective, you understand that it is an exercise of responsibility that not many people in similar positions are able to adopt. And in the same responsibility under which he governs himself and without giving up an iota of it, he is able to delegate full powers to his collaborators, as long as he understands that they are the ideal people for the execution of any plan.

He is a manager like few.