Gary Capewell

Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Austal.

1st of July of 2015. I worked with Gary in the same Group, on the RMIG A/S management team, being the International Director of Operations and Quality and he, the Director of the Cable Tray Division.

Worked with Roberto during 2001-2005, the first impact he had on me was the simplistic solution to maintenance issues within the Spanish Company; showing innovative, creativity, effective and yet simple.

Working more directly with him during the restructuring and improvements made in Spain and throughout Europe; in his capacity of Group Manufacturing Director, he showed great character and strategic thinking in the improvements made within the function/department and throughout the 13 Companies.

The reduction in key manufacturing sites (centralisation), setting up of a low-cost manufacturing site in Eastern Europe and the restructuring & reduction in personnel are the main successes I recall from that time.

Roberto was a great personality to have in the Senior Leadership team, his contribution, dedication and commitment to RMIG and within the specific areas of Safety & Quality are a credit to him. Roberto is not a person afraid of getting his dirty or getting into the detail; to find the right solution.

His Leadership during the implementation of the ERP system in Spain and the support he provided myself and the implementation team throughout Europe was a great assistance and really appreciated; helping in the successful turnaround of a failing project outside of his immediate domain.

Happily recommend RUB, a great colleague and someone I can say I learnt a lot from during my time at RMIG.