A few preliminar words

The reader should not be surprised by the number of training actions of all kinds that will be found in the adjacent elements, even considering that they are shown all of them, just a representation. They are the true reflection of many years of professional career, and in addition to it, to a deep devotion to training.

I am a professional convinced of the permanent need to learn, to be trained, to receive new inputs. Every day. I must constantly be in a “quid pro quo” attitude, of teaching and learning. This is not only a necessity, it is also one of my first wills every day, on all levels of my life and of course, in my professional life.

I consider myself an unrepentant reader and try to conveniently digest how much information comes into my hands. In the time that I have available, I try to be constantly formed by attending talks, seminars, reading books, webminars, etc.

All of the above, not only allows me to be updated in this knowledge society. It also makes waking up and facing the world every morning an interesting exercise, full of challenges and opportunities to learn new things and to reinforce or deny some of those already learned, through new information that complements or corrects the existing one. I consider that something of priceless value.

You will find the attached information structured in three points:

  • Academic training, in turn divided into four:

    • Professional qualification.

    • Master’s degrees.

    • Specialized courses.

    • Seminars.

  • Computing.

  • Languages.