Derivados del Flúor, S.A.-Bayer Hispania

1993.09.08 / 1997.06.30-Derivados del Flúor (subsidiary of Bayer Hispania). ( Maintenance and Utilities Plant manager. Ontón-Castro Urdiales (Cantabria). German multinational, which produced Inorganic Fluorochemicals. Sector: Inorganic Chemical.Turnover € 55 Mio. Managed employees: 175 persons.


Description of the company

German multinational, which produced Inorganic Fluorochemicals. 

The company produces for the following sectors: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear energy, food, ceramics and electronics, among others.


Reporting to the Technical Director. In direct charge of all the maintenance area managers (4) and the utilities plant manager.

Main responsibility

Complete responsibility on the result of both functions, being double, depending on the referred area:

(1) To guarantee the operativity of the 8 plants of the site, according to the department budget.

(2) To ensure the needed fluid supply to the other 7 plants, so they could operate correctly, at the right cost.


  • Implementation of the predictive maintenance by vibration analysis, thermography, etc., as well as the preventive one. In 4 years, the 8 plants went from stopping once a month to being 18 months without stopping in the moment I left the company.

  • Change of the concept of Maintenance cost, from fix to variable, from own to subcontracted. Reduction of the number of people from 53 to 12, Reduction of costs from 30% to 14% on the turnover.

  • Change of the concept of safety in the working place: speeches, videos and accidents investigations. Reduction of the accidents from 18 (9 with sick) to 1 without sick leave in 3 years.

  • Through CAPEX to reduce the energetic excesses of the energy plant, reduction of those excesses by 15%, via replacement of the technology of the Ammonia condensers, heat exchangers, pump seals and compressors, etc..