RMIG Iberia, S.A.

2007.07.01 / 2012.08.31-RMIG Iberia (Spanish-Portuguese subsidiary) (www.rmig.com). Managing Director. Urduliz (Biscay). Sector: Metallurgy & Steelmaking. Turnover: € 18 Mio. Managed employees: 115 persons.


Description of the company

Iberian subsidiary of a Danish multinational, world leader perforation of sheets.


In hierarchical dependence of the CEO of the Group and of the local Board of Directors. Direct report – 4 Dept. Dir (management Committee).

Main responsibility

Complete on the results of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. After a few years of insufficient results in the company, responsible for the repositioning of the company, by increasing the commercial margins and the general competitiveness of the company in a global crisis scenario.


  • Repositioning of the strategy in the market: turnover reduction of a 10% during the first 2 years, in spite of the crisis, we decreased the turnover by 10%, while the market decreased by 35%.

  • Change of the strategy of raw material suppliers: from service centres and local, to mills in Europe and Asia. Increase of the EBITDA by 20% in 3 years, and reduction of the obsolete stock to 2% of the total.

  • Application of Lean Manufacturing and process reengineering: increase of OEE from 45% to 70% in 5 years.

  • Implementation of the Oracle ERP, with procedures and processes in the office. Benchmarking with the strongest companies of RMIG. Increase of the productivity and amortisation of job positions by 20%

  • Reduction of the number of employees in 38 people. Management of the leaves and the social peace with the local and regional Unions. 5 years without strikes and increase of the ESS from 4,8 to 6,6 in 3 years.