Einstein said that “in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” I have always believed in the ability to change of the organizations and people. In their ability to seek something better, to be better and to get something better. To go in a steady and sustained way searching for excellence. My fundamental axiom is that “circumstances are not chosen. They are faced. “

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines change as: “Converting or move something into something else, often its opposite” or also: “Giving or taking something for something else that is considered of the same or similar value”.

For me, the turnaround in organizations is their step forward towards a better state, modifying or removing technical and organizational elements that are replaced by others of more added value.

I have made the change and transformation of industrial organizations the engine of my professional life. In all the projects I have participated in and managed, the transformation of the status quo has been a constant.

Surviving difficulties, transforming them into opportunities, reorganizing and reorienting the processes, procedures and ways of doing and operating companies, establishing new relationships with customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society, has been what has made my work an element of high added value for all the organizations that have had my work and collaboration.

My industrial DNA has allowed me to work for more than 20 years in managerial positions at the highest level, those where my influence has been noticed in all projects, in multinational organizations, families, large and small, serving various sectors. I like influencing, persuading and communicating, working as a team and creating constructive atmospheres that face challenges and transformation projects in companies.

I firmly believe in the enormous value that projects for change and transformation of organizations bring to companies. To put an easy to understand simile, I will say that I believe in “kite” executives, who, like these, rise higher when the wind blows against.

What you will find in the attached elements of this page reinforces what I have just said. I hope you find it interesting.

To end again with the German genius, I firmly believe that “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Roberto Urrutia Beaskoa