2013.07.01 / 2014.10.26-EKLsarea. (www.eklsarea.com). Managing Director and manager of the industrial projects. Advice of industrial experts for management Sector: Strategic consulting. Erandio (Biscay). Variable turnover and employees.


Description of the company

Company of new creation, with low structural costs, starting from zero – 2 partners (MD, Sales Director). Full responsibility for the company results and for all the industrial profile projects.

Main challenges

Create a new organization, starting from scratch, in an unknown business for me with respect to the industrial world, although, yes, related.

Solutions adopted

  1. Design a small, agile and economical organization, based on three legs: the commercial, the financial and the productive ones. Everything else was outsourced.

  2. Limitation of management of the number of clients -> no more than 5 at the same time. Concentrate on a very specific niche in the market, that of micro-SMEs, with a clear methodology of involvement, in order to know the problems in detail and thus be able to arbitrate the solutions. Our client knew that something was wrong, but not what. We were running away from the big recommendations, in order to be me improvements on the ground.


  1. Achievement of 5 projects in 9 months with a customer satisfaction rate of 80%.

Experiences learned and / or consolidated, added to previous roles

  1. The work in a newly created company, in the consulting sector.

  2. See things from the other side of the barrier, it means, the person who advises. Completely new to me. But due to the way we worked and got involved, the responsibility was higher than in conventional consulting.