2002.09.01 / 2011.10.30-RMIG Group (www.rmig.com). Group Operations and Quality International Director. Copenhagen (Denmark). Turnover: € 140 Mio. Managed employees: 1.100 people in 15 companies and 14 plants in Europe, besides 5 partner companies in 5 continents.


Company description

Danish multinational, world leader perforation of sheets. 


Reporting to the Group CEO and the board of directors of the Foundation, owner of RMIG. Direct report: Operations and Quality Directors. Functional report: Managing Directors. In both cases, of all the companies and plants worldwide. Full responsibility for the operations and quality results in all the sites of the world (14+5).

Main challenges

Tu put in black numbers a group at serious loss, which threaten its survival, by building a group of 15 companies that operated independently.

Solutions adopted

  1. Closure of 6 plants in Western Europe and open one in Eastern Europe (Poland) plus 5 collaboration agreements in 5 countries worldwide.

  2. Change of production strategy: from every plant does everything to say which plant does what and for which one. 2 global plants for each type of production, standard and custom, and local specialties in each country having a plant.

  3. Harmonize processes and procedures, purchase, materials and raw materials.

  4. Create a logistics network at European level.

  5. Implement Lean Manufacturing as a productive working method.

  6. ISO accreditations and quality notebooks common and agreed among the plants. In this way, the sales person was not concerned with which plant made the product, but with the cost of logistics.


  1. Reduction of the cost of structure by 40% and the number of people by 34%. Increase of the turnover from 120 to € 140 Mio. Closure of 6 plants and setup of a structure of 2 global plants and 6 local ones.

  2. Installation of the operations module of the Oracle ERP in the 14 plants of the Group., and setup of a tailor-made quality module for Oracle for the 15 companies of the Group.

  3. Increase of the of the production capacity with technical agreements with 5 plants in different countries worldwide: China, USA, Australia, India and Brazil, to produce RMIG products for the local market.

  4. Setup of a company in Poland, starting from zero up to the complete setup of the plant and offices.

  5. Implementation of the Lean Manufacturing in 4 factories of the Group, and the shop floor data collection in all the plants. Increase of the average productivity: from 60 to 75% in 2 years.

  6. Implementation of the ISO 9001 in all the productive plants. Quality cost reduction by 20%

Experiences learned and / or consolidated, added to previous roles

  1. Wherever you go, you must learn and respect the local culture. Only from the understanding of it can things be changed.

  2. Attend to think small things to think big. The small details are what change the big things.

  3. The search for help, from local people, organizations, authorities, professional centres, clusters both at destination and at origin is vital.

  4. Do not touch those you are not sure can be changed. Staying halfway is fatal.

  5. Learn to listen and live with many cultures. To look at reality with different eyes. It is priceless.