RMIG Iberia, S.A.

1997.07.01 / 2002.08.31-RMIG Iberia (Spanish-Portuguese subsidiary). (www.rmig.com). Deputy manager and Operations Director. Urduliz (Biscay). Turnover: € 14 Mio. Managed employees: 125 persons.


Description of the company

Iberian subsidiary of a Danish multinational, world leader perforation of sheets.


In hierarchical dependence of the CEO of the company in Spain and of the local board of directors. Direct report: all the department directors (4). Functional report: the sales manager. Complete responsibility for the operations of the company and subsidiary for the company results for Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Main challenges

Profit a losing company that had been badly hurt by managerial embezzlement and had completely changed the management team.

Solutions adopted

  1. Completely change management team and next-level team in key positions.

  2. Factory data management through a shop floor data collection system (SFDC), which existed, but was not used.

  3. Introduction of preventive and predictive maintenance and TPM, as well as the concept of failure analysis.

  4. Management of investments with cash criteria and RoI <1 year.

  5. Implementation and start-up of new machinery.

  6. Sales strategy: the first two years, gaining quota, due to a significant loss after the previous stage. The following three, consolidation and increase of the margin of each operation and global.


  1. Opening to new markets, some with high margin and others with high volume. In 1997, the EBT was -1.7 Mio €. In 2002 of € 0.8 Mio. Multiplication of turnover by 2.5 and margin by 1.2.

  2. Increase of staff from 100 to 125 people and maintenance of employment for 2 years. Agreement with the trade Unions not to apply salary increases in the period.

  3. Implementation of a new ERP: new techniques and factory management tools; 20% reduction in costs per hour, and the value of obsolete stock on the total to 2% at standard cost.

Experiences learned and / or consolidated, added to previous roles

  1. Management of an investment plan.

  2. Reporting to the Board of Directors..

  3. Initial presence in customers and suppliers.

  4. Preparation of a sales plan, aimed at gaining market share and then consolidating what had been earned.

  5. Labour relations with the Committee and in the Health and Safety Committee.