Digitization and Industry 4.0. Challenge and opportunity for the Industrial Sector – First part – Statement of situation

In these turbulent times that we are having to manage, several technological ways have been opened to facilitate the communication of people and the management of the industrial sector.

In some cases, they have been completely opened because nothing or almost nothing was done. In many others, the current situation acts as an accelerator of something that was already conceived and whose utility had yet to be demonstrated. The current reality, with the harshness of the facts that surround us, has acted as perfect sparring to prove them.

In this first part of the two articles that I am going to publish on the matter of reference, I try, as I always intend to do, to contribute my grain of sand to clarify what digitization and industry 4.0 are, what their processes mean, and the most important thing for me, about its impact on the industrial sector.

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