TLS and unemployment: How to tackle the dilemma? Are the TLSs here to stay?

We constantly hear news about TLSs (Temporal Layoff Schemes). References are made to them almost daily in the press, radio and television, but especially when it is time for their extension.

What is the reason for so much publicity, if until now they were complete strangers? Are they an instrument with a vocation for continuity, or just a passing fad? Do they really serve as an instrument to solve the problem of unemployment and the lack of labour flexibility in Spanish companies?

Without a doubt, it is an instrument worth reflecting on. How they should be, how they should be streamlined to make them a useful and practical instrument, what they are like in other neighbouring countries, what conditions should be in place for their viability.

All this we must ask ourselves to make the TLSs a useful element with a vocation for permanence and that they do not become a tool that will soon be forgotten.

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Digitization and Industry 4.0. Challenge and opportunity for the Industrial Sector – Second (and last) part – How do they affect the Industrial sector?

Second part of the series of articles on Digitization and Industry 4.0, two terms of the present time and especially of the future. A large amount of the funds committed by the EU as part of the post-pandemic recovery plan is tied to projects related to these concepts.

This time the writing is focused on the consequences that all this phenomenon will have or should have on the industrial sector, as well as on indicating the window of opportunity that it presents for the sector.

The phenomenon is unstoppable, that does not admit discussion at this time. Not that it will come one way or another. It is already here. It is up to us to be prepared as a society and as a sector, to have an adequate strategy to address it, since as I say, there will be funds to execute them.

Last but not least, I do not forget to ask for the support of all levels, public and private, to make this a reality, in addition to a collection of lines correctly written in the memory of the projects. Whoever believes that due to the origin of the terms this only affects the industrial sector is very wrong. It is a project of society.

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