Six months of my website

Six months ago, I began an adventure full of excitement, like all of mine, and of uncertainty, because I had not done anything like that, not even similar to it. I am talking about making a web page about me, my professional life, my thoughts and reflections, my profession and my sector.

I started, because having such a long and varied professional career, it seemed to me that it was the right time to value it in a different way. And also, because I positioned myself in the market with my own brand, and that it also showed a certain (only certain) handling and management of computer media. Last but not least, it has saved me many explanations when answering questions or requests such as: “Can you tell me what you have done?”

Today it is a consolidated adventure. The details that corroborate it are:

  • More than 1,800 users have entered the page, and just over 12% of them have repeated it.

  • More than 2,400 open sessions, where more than 27% are repeated.

  • There is a bounce rate of just over 54%, because most of them enter through the articles I write and leave through the page itself.

  • More than 3 pages are visited on average, with an average stay of more than 2 minutes between entering and leaving the page.

It is not only the data, but also the numerous opinions that I have received to rate the page, and in all of them I have denoted:

  1. A certain surprise, because an individual has carried out such an initiative. In most cases, the comments have been: “I had not seen anything like that, or anything like it.”
  2. Positive comments, on the functionality, structure, and above all, content of the page.

  3. An encouragement to continue with it and fill it with content and experiences.

  4. Constructive criticism to improve it.

With all these data, I have to say that I feel very satisfied and honoured by the welcome that the page has had. Let us not forget that it is professional and individual, which undoubtedly makes difficult pay attention to it.

All this could not have been a reality without the essential collaboration of all those who pay attention to it, visit it and ultimately pay attention to what I say, and how I say it. I hope I haven’t let you down, and of course I won’t do it in the future

I want to thank all of you who have visited and are visiting the website for doing so and to encourage you to continue doing so.

Thank you very much.